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After you left, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars - points of light and reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.

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My Immortal - Evanescence
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Boss, your hero..
Was watching My Boss My Hero once again in camp,
and as usual.. was soo touched and happy watching this..
Dunno how to express it, but i just felt so much wanting
to be Sakaki.. with the cute lil buch of classmates,
and men who are under him, the Yakuza headman...

What can be more interesting than that?
The background music that plays during the emotional
part, the expressions of those classmates...
Whoever watched it before should know...
and those who didnt, U SHOULD WATCH IT NOW!!!

U wont regret watching it, cause I SAY SO!!
I wan such friends and buddies too.. but dont think
i can ever find such good things in life.
Btw anyone who knows where to get those music
or have those music from the movie, plssss
send it to me! Except the theme song la..
i got it le..
Almost cried while watching it in camp.. zzzzz

Life can never be as beautiful as it is in movies..


(11:10 AM)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally, those un needed teeth were
taken and extracted out... but it
hurts like hell after that. zzzzzz

I was in a room, given some kinda gas
to breathe in and the next moment I
woke up, it was 5 hours later... with
1/5 of my teeth gone!!! zzz love and
my mother came to fetch me home
too.. Was given lots of medicine and
bleeding didnt stop there. Had stitches
and stuff.. horrible!!!

Just wasted 1.5k credited into SAF account..


(10:02 PM)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


How does it feel? what's the side effect?
what happens after that? feels damn painful to
remove 7 teeth one shot right.. zzzzzz

Have been clubbing these few days, cause my
beloved darlin adam is here in sg, and well..
like he said... he was born in PHUTURE...
after some calculations, I think he had spent
already 10-30k a year in zouk. zzzzzzz
rich ass...

After the movie '12 rounds' with him and ray,
he brought us over to this hotel beside
cineleisure, called Meritus Mandarin...
and guess what.. He bought us a plate of
CHICKEN RICE each for dinner, and priced
$24 per plate excluding gst!!! zzzzzzzzzzz
That's the most expensive plate of chicken rice
i've ate for the past 23 years... zzzzz

Adam again... trying to hide his face..

Adam, when he had sexy long hair..

Though short hair, he's still sexy.. hahaha

See what i mean by sexy?

Thought the person who gave me this was a good friend..
I was Totally wrong....

The $24 Chicken rice...

The new SAF issued Uniform....

Sunset... but not at a romantic place.. haha

Wth U looking at??
Uncle BaO never see b4 ah!


(10:18 PM)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's almost midnight, and I spent the whole night
doing rubbish, playing games.... resting...
down with a super bad cold and flu...
But it's all what i deserve isnt it?

shld go rest le...
see yaa


(11:25 PM)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is the skin of a movie that i really loveee...
U guys should go watch it, on the net....
It's real nice, touching, and SADDDD LA!!!

Though this blogskin is a bit girlish, but
who cares? as long as i like it. HA!
The guy has hair like Final fantasy,
and the girl is from
MY BOSS MY HERO!!! wahahahaha....

Well nothing much to post le...
see how this week ends ba..

Take care guys, and girls!!

Happy Birthday stepphhyyy..!!!
Princess of LCOR!!


(12:55 AM)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog bLOG BLOG blog blOG!!!
Havent been blogging for weeks,
and guess it's time to do some!

Watched "Marley and Me" with love
last week, and it was so sad... she cried leh..
I'm still ok cause humans make a bigger impact on me.
hahahah... It's a very sad movie, so i encourage all
of you not to watch it..
"Kung fu chef" is also quite a normal film,
not really worth watching cause not much action
and the storyline kinda bored me.. disappointed!
Then "Pink panther 2" with pals too, and
it was not really what i expected la. Cause since young,
i loved the REAL PINK PANTHER, the cartoon character...
But this movie like got no link with it at all. zzzzz

Celebrated Shi Hui's belated 25th birthday on tuesday,
and took quite a number of pictures too.. requested by
the birthday girl, who like any other young girl, is also...
a photo maniac... zzzzz
Well, at least all of us enjoyed meeting each other
and chatted all the way, it sure is nice meeting since 2005
or 2008... SOO LONGGG!!! zzzzzzzzzzz

Really hope that my life can be more interesting,
Ord soon, and faster get a NORMAL job to support me..
This stinking saf giving us mere $400+ is treating us like
Banglas.... Even banglas earn more than that...
Tell me you're not proud of being a sgprean.... Definitely!

After finding and having friends that come and go,
even comparing some of those fakes that I have now..
E145 is still the best... Maybe long term of fellowshipping
does strengthen our relationships.. Hope there wont
be any more fakers coming my way again.. haizzz

Birthday gift for the birthday girl..

Ling jie, Sis, Shi Hui

Ling Jie, Me, Shi Hui

Fake smile... zzzzz

Just the 4 of us..

Her lil birthday cake...

Ling jie finally opened her eyes!!!



Caught a picture of rainbow outside IMM

Me and Love..


Boomer tryin to come into the picture..


Desserts at Marina mandarin

Strawberry from.... My home...


(6:24 PM)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rochelle, how are u doing up there?
hahaha.. U must be playing the wii that
someone bought u right? hope u love the
things I've decorated ur tablet with..
Sometimes i still wonder, why can such a God-damned
fever take you away from me?
Ppl have the chance to fight cancer,
fight whatever shit they have..
why not you??
Why cant God just take away the lives of some
ppl who deserves to be dead instead of
you who deserves to live??
Missssssss u soo much...
bless me up there in heaven k?
U know me, u see what i'm gg through now...
So pls help me to go through this...
really really lovee you a lot.
Come talk to me in my dream tonight?
I'll b waiting....
The things behind a smile.. can u feel it?

Dirtiest boots of my life... and it's mine.. zzz

I really am....
(a t shirt bought for me by her)

The OLDEST phone i've found,
and it's the first mobile phone I've used in 1990s.

Helloooo ppl...

Have not been blogging for a long time, because
dunno what to blog also la. zzzzz this time i just
include some pics and videos to entertain u ba..

Lousy videos la.. but nothing better to do de..

Life's the same, but boring because of being in the
army... It's like total waste of another 2 years for me..
Suffering and having financial problems, which i wouldnt
have had if I am working outside.. I really cant wait
to ORD in july this year and start earning some real
bucks for myself to save up soon... haizzzz

Next week will be my final judgement day,
where I will be given my punishment for lending
my bike to my friend... My bike may be taken
away from me, and that sucks totally...
Life really gets worse when it's already bad enough..
Among all my friends, I'm really the lowest of them all..
Please end the world soon God, and stop us all from
suffering any longer...
Unfair, unfair.. and unfair....


(9:34 PM)